How Businesses Can Drive Positive Change: An Alumna Success Story With Uloma Violet Ukeni

How Businesses Can Drive Positive Change: An Alumna Success Story With Uloma Violet Ukeni

Once upon a time, in the vibrant heart of Nigeria, lived a remarkable woman named Uloma Violet Ukeni. Her story is not just one of personal achievement but a testament to the incredible impact one person can have on their community.

In the year 2020, Uloma achieved a milestone that would set her on a path of greatness. She earned first class honours in Procurement and Supply Chain Management from BlueCrest College. With a burning desire to make a difference, Uloma returned to her beloved Nigeria, to fulfil her dreams of entrepreneurship. On this quest, she launched not one but two successful small businesses that would soon make waves across her nation.

“Vu-Hairs,” her first venture was a vibrant enterprise specialising in high-quality wig bundles to create custom wigs tailored to the unique needs of high earning customers. What made Vu-Hairs impactful was its collaboration with the Nano-Equip Ladies Skills Acquisition Programme where young ladies are empowered with top notch skills in beauty and hairstyling. She offered free physical workshops and online courses, transforming the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs for years.

But that was just the beginning of Uloma’s entrepreneurial journey, “Vees Luxury,” her second venture is a custom jewellery brand that quickly gained recognition in Nigeria for creating meaningful, lasting memories through custom-made jewellery. Her partnerships with international renowned brands ensured that her clients’ unique requests were met with precision and care.

What sets Uloma apart is her unwavering commitment to giving back to society. Through her businesses, she championed the “Feed The Children On The Street” project, a heartfelt initiative aimed at providing nourishment to children in need. Miss Violet’s dedication is evident as a portion of her businesses’ earnings supported this noble cause. She isn’t just a businesswoman; she is a force for good in her community.

When asked about her Journey, Uloma takes us to where it all started for her:

“My journey began when I made the decision to study in a new country, Ghana, outside my homeland. It was an exciting yet daunting time for me, full of uncertainties. However, BlueCrest College eased all my concerns and guided me throughout my student journey.

As a student, I embraced numerous responsibilities and opportunities including class representative, representing my country, Nigeria, twice in BlueCrest College’s International Student Week among others. These activities helped me discover my leadership skills, boosted my confidence and led to many other amazing opportunities. The diverse nature of the student community at BlueCrest exposed me to diverse African cultures, from cuisines to music and dance, appreciating the beauty of diversity.

In 2018/2019, I held the position of Maiden Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Student Representative Council (SRC). I represented the school at events and workshops, among other duties. As an entrepreneur, you need excellent communication skills to sell and pitch your brand to potential funders and partners. I’m glad to say my communication skills were sharpened during working as PRO.

Today, I can confidently attest to the impact Bluecrest has made in my life.  ‘Being a student at BlueCrest University College means learning in the right and supportive environment with excellent learning facilities that instils in you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.’

I hope my story can inspire others to take that crucial step forward in their own journey. Remember, with determination and a heart for making a difference, you can achieve greatness.”

To us at BlueCrest, Uloma Violet Ukeni’s journey is more than inspiring; it is a testament to what a determined individual can achieve and how businesses can be a vehicle for positive change. Her story illustrates the profound impact of entrepreneurship with a heart, showing that success could be a catalyst for making the world a better place.



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