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Dr.Vivekananth Padmanabhan |HOD-IT| Life Coach| Soft Skills Trainer

How do you quickly and effectively communicate who you are and what you do in a short elevator pitch?

The key is using power words—words that evoke emotion, create imagery, and make your message stick. Just a few carefully chosen words can take your elevator pitch from forgettable to memorable.

Here are 5 ways to supercharge your elevator pitch:

1. Passion

Sharing your passion shows authenticity and draws people in.

For example, “I’m passionate about using data to drive business insights.”

2. Imagine

Paint a picture of the future to get your audience envisioning what could be.

For example, “Imagine a world where all children have access to quality education.”

3. Resonate

Connect your message to your audience’s values.

For example, “Our recycling program resonates with today’s eco-conscious consumers.”

4. Transformative

Convey the impact of your work.

For example, “Our app provides a transformative wellness experience for busy moms.”

5. Unite

Bring people together behind your cause.

For example, “We’re uniting neighbours to build stronger, kinder communities.”

See how just one single power word starts to tell a story and evoke emotion?

Imagine combining several into a short, compelling elevator pitch.

“I’m passionate about transforming the way we unite and connect in our communities. Just imagine a platform that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds, allowing them to share inspiring stories, give back, and build relationships. We envision a world where technology creates transformative human connections, not isolation. Our app will empower people to build a kinder, more supportive community. During this divided time, we believe human stories and experiences can unite us in extraordinary ways. We are building connections that resonate at the heart of what matters most.”

This sample pitch hits on all five power words—passion, imagine, transformative, unite, and resonate—while painting a vivid picture of connection and impact.

It combines an emotional appeal with concrete details about the technology and goals. The power words help convey passion and purpose in just a few concise sentences, making the pitch more engaging, memorable, and effective.

The message is compelling and easy to visualize in just a few concise sentences.

Combining power words helps the pitch capture attention and stick in the listener’s mind. This is just one example, but the power words can be tailored to any industry or goal. The key is choosing words strategically to highlight what makes your idea or business unique and impactful.

What other power words would you include to make your pitch unforgettable?

Share your ideas in the comments!



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