Got the gift of gab? A career in Mass Communications may be your calling

Got the gift of gab? A career in Mass Communications may be your calling

Got the gift of gab? A career in Mass Communications may be your calling

According to a study, more than 73 per cent of employers in the US voted for communications skills as the most crucial ability required in a candidate.

Every industry is looking for professionals who are good at interacting with people and know how to convey and receive messages. However, colleges and academic programmes that prepare future professionals for these industries offer little or no training in these crucial talents. Prompted by such skill shortage, employers look for smart communications professionals who are willing to pick up technicals skills.

That is where students of mass communications from premier journalism schools, such as BlueCrest College, come into the picture. Their training goes beyond classrooms, and they are keen on picking up new technical skills.

Unlike other fields, a career in mass communications is not linear or inflexible. Experienced professionals in this field often move to areas such as marketing, banking, law, government relation, medicine etc. to handle dissemination of information among stakeholders.

Here are the different career options for you, if you are looking at a future in communications.


Journalism plays a vital role in nation-building and social development. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when many mass communications students opt for a career in news writing and reporting.

With the advent of technology and the spread of internet, online journalism is coming up as the next significant development in the field of news writing. Along with this growth, experts predict that there will be high demand for young journalists in the future.

Public Relations

Corporate communications or Public relations is a highly respected practice that is widely used in every industry, irrespective of the product or service that they are generating. This practice requires individuals who manage the dissemination of information among company/organisation stakeholders and maintain relationships. PR professionals work for many kinds of institutions, including government, corporate, educational and not-for-profit organisations


The craft of advertising requires professionals who can pitch and sell an idea to the target audience in a persuasive manner. That is where communications graduates come in. They are trained to fulfil various responsibilities, be it managing client accounts or writing catchy slogans for an ad campaign.

Event Management

Organising large concerts or sporting events require a high level of coordination and communication, which can be handled only by people who can communicate with different participants even in a highly stressful situation. Communications graduates are readily absorbed in the events management industry for precisely this reason.


Mass Communications is an exciting and dynamic field where students gain exposure to a variety of media-related streams, be it writing for radio, research, film making or video editing. This kind of training opens the door to a wide range of public service and private service opportunities in media.



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